I have been taking Reiki from my mom for the past 10yrs. So to begin with my bar and expectations were already set very high. Because reiki suits my family, i decided to learn it and  i couldn’t learn it from my mother because she lives far. Ruchira was recommended to me by my friends and I was very glad to find her . I have recently completed my Level 1 Reiki class with her and I must say I got my money’s worth and much more ! She was very knowledgeable, patient and was very attentive to each of us in the class. The best part was that her class size is very small,not more than 3 students at a time. It was easy to take an appointment from her and when i couldn’t come to one of the classes because of personal reasons , she rescheduled the class as per my needs. Ruchira was well prepared for the class before we even reached at her place so that we don’t waste anytime in starting our session and she was in no hurry to end it either. She provided each one of us with our own material folder which had all notes in detail. She made sure each one of us got the most out of the session.On the last day of the class she actually made us practice and give reiki to each other in front of her like a practical test so that if we made any mistakes she can correct us. Most instructors i have heard don’t make you practice or give you hands on training. The attunement she performed on me left me relaxed, rejuvenated and yearning for more. She literally held our hands through out the learning process. Ruchira is very good with kids too.My daughter recently sprained her ankle and received Reiki from Ruchira. She performed Reiki on my daughter and my daughter felt this calmness and her ankle wasn’t as sore as before.I will highly recommend her class to anyone who wants to learn Reiki or receive Reiki and have the same deep experience I had.

  • Kitty C.
  • Cupertino, CA

Ruchira is my second Reiki healer. At first, I didn’t expect too much since I didn’t feel a big difference after the first treatment from other Reiki master. But it’s a totally different experience. When I received Ruchira’s treatment, I could feel strong energy go through my whole body. After 3 treatments,my headache disappeared. I felt very healthy and peaceful.  Highly recommend Ruchira.


Ruchira as a person is extremely strong willed and believes in her work. It was but natural for me to approach her for my introduction to Reiki. Her classes are small, 3-4 students max, well organized over 3 days with all basics covered and more. Moreover her follow-up sessions reinforce what you have learnt. The sessions are set in calm surroundings at her home, leaves you at peace and eager to learn the Art of Reiki.
Due credit to Ruchira as my teacher for introducing stress-relieving and relaxation tool – Reiki.

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